EASY KILL is my first suspense/mystery in a series featuring EZ Kelly. Esther Zane, shortened her name to EZ. Her ex-Special Forces dad figured she better be prepared to defend herself. He taught her everything he knew about self-defense and hand to hand combat. She learned well. After she served two tours as a Special Forces soldier, she began a career as a travel agent in Miami. That’s where she uncovered a scheme by terrorists to set off nuclear devices in three U.S. cities, simultaneously. Her efforts to stop them are revealed in the first EZ Kelly novel, EASY KILL. Available at the major retailers listed below:

My second EZ Kelly suspense novel, Saving Melissa. EZ becomes involved in the search for a young girl who’s been abducted and shipped off into a human trafficking ring. It’s a race against time as she tries to find and rescue the young girl before it’s too late. Once again, EZ calls on her sharp wits and her masterful combat skills to counteract the evil forces she must face. Her search takes her from Florida to Georgia, and on to Ohio, where events come to a dramatic end, or so she thinks. Vengeance rears its ugly head at the end. Saving Melissa brings you healthy portions of romance, adventure, humor, murder and mayhem, and large portions of suspense. Available at the major retailers listed below:

SAY THE WORD is a stand-alone suspense novel featuring Jim Booker, a young physician assistant who takes a job in a substance abuse treatment unit in Maine. When he discovers the terrible sexual abuse many of the patients have undergone. Available at the major retailers listed below:

EASY KILL, Saving Melissa and Say The Word are available through my publisher at, as well as at,,, in hard cover, soft cover and e-book form. You can also order it at as soft cover or e-book for pickup at the store of your choice.